Stem Cells, PRP, Prolo Treatments

Stem Cells Procedures

We are proud to be one of the first clinics to offer stem cell therapies in the United States. We continue to offer these treatments for those who desire Adipose Derived Stem Cell Therapy (ADSC). This is a one-day procedure that is performed at the Stem Cell Rejuvenation Center operating within The Peace Wellness in beautiful Phoenix, AZ. This procedure includes a full naturopathic consult scheduled prior to the treatment date. For those traveling in from out of town the consult is usually the day before having procedure. The morning of the procedure entails a gentle, hand performed, fat extraction done under local anesthesia. The fat sample is then processed on-site. Adipose Derived Stem Cells have become the preferred method of stem cell therapy due to its gentle nature and is derived from the patient's own body. The process of isolating (freeing) the stem cells that are found stored in the fat tissue. This process takes a few hours to complete. During this time of processing the patient will have several hours to have lunch and relax before returning back to the office to receive the ADSC therapy. The reintroduction of the stem cells is individualized depending on the patients concerns. This would be discussed and determined during the consult.

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We have been performing stem cell therapies for over 10 years and all of our procedures are done on site at our clinic here in Phoenix. It is our top priority to provide you a safe, clean, sterile and friendly environment. Our Treatment Center is located just 8 minutes from the Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport with many hotels providing shuttle service to and from our clinic making it ideal for out-of-town visitors. We provide stem cell therapy for a variety of conditions by using our revolutionary technology and treatments to isolate and reinfuse stem cells from a patient's own adipose stroma or fat (also called the Stromal Vascular Fraction (SVF). We combine the best of technology, nature, and medicine to help improve the quality of our patients' lives. Stem cell therapy is offered to those who are qualified candidates and whom desire treatment. We use less than minimally manipulated technology to provide Autologous Stem Cell and PRP therapies originally initiated during the 1990's.

Photo courtesy of Photographer Jaysun McMillin

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Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) Treatments

PRP treatments could be considered a form of stem cell therapy. An incredible amount of research has been done to understand the role of platelets in healing. A platelets role in clot formation is well known, but that is only a fraction of what they are capable of doing. The platelets contain growth factors or signals for local cells to take action. These growth factors activate stem cells in the body to repair and rejuvenate.

PRP is considered an autologous therapy in that is it derived from a patient's own body. Many patients find this attractive because a foreign substance is not being introduced. PRP is located in the plasma, which is derived from the patient's blood. The blood is centrifuged allowing the isolation of a platelet rich portion of the plasma. Once the PRP has been processed it will be re-introduced to the patient in the area that needs restoration.

PRP therapy is used through out the body to help heal, strengthen and rejuvenate. PRP can be injected deep into joints or injected near the attachments of the ligaments and tendons to stimulate strength and support. PRP can be used subcutaneously as well as intra-dermally for aesthetic purposes. The synergistic combination of micro needling and PRP allows the stimulation of collagen.


Prolotherapy, also called proliferation therapy or regenerative injection therapy, is an alternative medicine treatment that uses an irritant solution or matrix which is injected into a joint space, ligaments, or tendon insertion in an effort to relieve pain or address ligament laxity. Prolotherapy in conjunction with PRP creates the inflammation while promoting the healing and repair process.

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