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At Peace Wellness Center we offer a wide range of treatments that work together to enhance our patients’ wellbeing as a whole rather than just focusing on the symptomatic issues present. Every patient’s treatment plan is unique and designed to treat the individual’s current health and their desired future goals. Most treatment plans utilize a host of different therapies and other available modalities. Our goal is to aide in disease prevention and remediation through a naturopathic and holistic approach, empowering patients to retain control over their health and lifestyles. Each Physician at Peace Wellness Center specializes in individual unique approaches to treating. With the Physicians and the assistance of the Center’s staff, patients have access to a multitude of services, treatments, therapies and products.


Timothy S. Peace, NMD

Timothy S. Peace, NMD

Dr. Timothy S. Peace, NMD received his BS in chemistry/biochemistry magna cum laude from Arizona State University in 1995 and his NMD (Naturopathic Medical Doctor degree) from Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine in 2001. Dr. Peace is a fully licensed practicing naturopathic physician with prescriptive privileges here in Arizona.

Dr. Peace is a General Practitioner offering a wide selection of services including: Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement, Stem Cell Therapies, Chelation Therapy, Acupuncture, Vitamin IV therapy, Trigger Point injections, Prolo Therapy, Neural Therapy, B12 injections, HIV / HEP C - complimentary therapies and nutritional counseling. Dr. Peace also has a full medicinary offering physician grade vitamins/supplements and a botanical pharmacy within his practice.

Dr. Peace's approach to medicine utilizes all modalities to create a program that is specific to each person's needs for healing to occur. Dr. Peace understands that each person is different and unique so creating specific protocols is vital to that person's health and healing. Therefore, Dr. Peace specializes in personalized medicine. It is this approach to healing and medicine that makes Dr. Peace's practices such a huge success.


Jaime Ewald, NMD

Jaime Ewald, NMD <span></span>

Dr. Jaime Ewald, NMD is a graduate of Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine, where she received her Doctorate in Naturopathic Medicine. In 2000, she received a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology with a Minor in Business Management from Wright State University in Dayton, Ohio. Dr. Ewald is a certified tissue bank specialist and has over 15 years of experience recovering human bone, tissue and organs for transplant and research. She graduated from Phoenix Institute of Herbal Medicine & Acupuncture (PIHMA) in 2009 with a Master's degree in Acupuncture & Herbal Medicine. Currently, Dr. Ewald has a primary care practice at Peace Wellness Center in Phoenix, Arizona. She has been an adjunct faculty member at Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine in Tempe, Arizona since 2008, where she teaches Human Biology classes and is a Clinical Supervisor for a substance abuse rotation.

Dr. Ewald is committed to treating the whole person as an individual and finding the root cause of the disease process. She works to use the simplest of medicines to remedy the most complex of disease processes and believes that what makes us can heal us. Dr. Ewald's specialties include stem cell therapies, pain management, sports medicine, infectious disease, substance abuse, autoimmune/chronic disease and allergies. She uses modalities such as acupuncture, botanical medicine, nutritional/lifestyle counseling, injection/prolo therapies, homeopathy and IV therapy to support/cultivate a healthy/productive human experience.


Julie Keiffer, NMD

Julie Keiffer, NMD <span></span>

Doctor, scholar, humanitarian, athlete, and mother, Dr. Juile Keiffer grew up in picturesque rural Michigan. She attended Catholic grade school and public high school before pursuing higher education at the University of Michigan. There she earned her BA in Anthropology.

After four years of college, Julie’s humanitarian spirit compelled her to volunteer as a school teacher in Content District, Jamaica. For four months, she taught school in a mountainside one-room schoolhouse and lived without electricity or running water.

Upon returning to the United States, Julie went to Houston Texas where she helped her dear friend MaryAnn create and establish a Montessori school. While teaching in the Montessori school, Julie worked two other jobs and attended the University of Houston where she fulfilled all of the prerequisites she needed in order to attend medical school.

Julie fell in love with Arizona during her visit here for her interview at Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine. She earned her doctorate at SCNM and completed her residency in Arizona. While in training, Dr. Keiffer’s passion for and background in Anthroplogy led her to be instrumental in creating clinical rotations at a hospital in Leon, Nicaragua. During this time, Dr. Keiffer also traveled to Ecuador, Columbia, Mexico, Costa Rica and Cuba.

Between rotations, Dr. Keiffer embraced her newfound love for surgery - it was love at first stitch in the Emergency Deparment in Leon - and integrated that love with her passion for teaching and began teaching minor surgery at SCNM, where she has been adjunct faculty for the surgery curriculum for over eleven years. In 2012, the SCNM student body honored her with the nomination and award for “Alumni of the Year in Forwarding the Students’ Success.”

Julie’s foundation in Naturopathic medicine along with her fun, energetic and progressive approach led her to become a specialist in the field of Anti-Aging. She has been an active member of the Academy of Anti-aging and Aesthetic Medicine (A4M) for over five years. Dr. Keiffer is focused upon the core elements of anti-aging: hormone replacement/balancing, natural aesthetic treatments, libido enhancement and stem cell therapies. Dr. Keiffer has been performing stem cell therapies and working with Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) for the past five years. She was one of the first four doctors trained in the United States to perform the O-shot/M-shot (Priapus injection) using PRP for libido enhancement.

Ever the scholar and teacher, Dr. Keiffer is constantly undergoing advanced training and attending specialized conferences in order to bring the most current information and procedures to her patients, peers, and medical students.


Josh Lane Patient Coordinator

Josh Lane <span>Patient Coordinator</span>

Josh graduated cum laude with a B.S. degree in Biochemistry from Arizona State University. He then went on to attend St. George's University where he earned his Doctorate degree in Medicine. While in medical school, Josh spent time in Guatemala, St. Vincent, and England learning different cultural approaches and philosophies to patient care. He has also assisted in several humanitarian efforts throughout the world following earthquakes, landslides, and hurricanes. This allowed him to realize the value and fragility of human life while observing the power of healing and hope.

At Peace Wellness Center, Josh acts as a liaison between physicians and patients communicating the doctor's instructions and outlining healthcare options for each patient. Josh focuses on the stem cell side of Peace Wellness Center and is the resident expert related to stem cell treatments and research.


Jennifer Dorman, MA, RT, BHS Senior Medical Assistant

Jennifer Dorman, MA, RT, BHS <span>Senior Medical Assistant</span>

Jennifer began her journey with Peace Wellness Center in 2008 as the Senior Medical Assistant. Jennifer received her Medical Assistant diploma from Apollo College in the year 2001. She also received her Bachelor of Science degree in Health and Wellness from Kaplan University in the year 2013. Jennifer is also Laser Certified with the ARRA since 2014. She acts as the Laser Safety Officer with the office. She is also First Aid trained and certified. Jennifer’s experience and knowledge continues to grow as the office continues to expand.


Glenn Tuttle, MA Medical Assistant

Glenn Tuttle, MA <span>Medical Assistant</span>

Glenn is a Medical Assistant working under licensed Naturopathic Medical Doctors in the state of Arizona. He also served as a Teaching Assistant with the Minor Surgery program at SCNM, Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine. Receiving the honor of Salutatorian of his graduating class, he earned his medical assistant degree from Sanford Brown College.

Originally from New England, Glenn grew up in Kennebunk, Maine, a quaint and beautiful coastal town. Renowned as a summer vacation locale with its lovely beaches its population swells during the summer months but quickly drops as the harsh winters arrive early. Good friends and family remain throughout New England and Glenn’s heart and support stays with his local sports representatives including the Patriots and Red Sox.

Venturing from New England, Glenn relocated to Virginia to attend College. His next adventure brought him to the Beautiful Island of Maui, Hawaii where he enjoyed working at some of the most beautiful resorts and golf courses including The Grande Wailea Resort. During spare times he could be found skim boarding just inside the cresting waves at his favorite spot in Makena, “Big Beach.”

After leaving the Islands and back on the mainland, a brief stop introduced him to Arizona. He continued back east and settled in Newport, Rhode Island. Newport is the home to some of the most elaborate “Summer Cottages” ever built. Sandy beaches with a rocky coastline, this town is filled with many weekend festivals and historic sites. Realizing after several brutal winters, warmth was a key factor in his life. He headed back southwest and since has been a resident in the State of Arizona.

Glenn is trained and certified with the ARRA to perform laser therapy in addition to acting as a Laser Safety Officer. He continues to develop his knowledge through continuous educational conferences and trainings throughout the year including the A4M annual conference.


Stan Jenkins, CN, CNHP, CWC, MA Medical Assistant

Stan Jenkins, CN, CNHP, CWC, MA <span>Medical Assistant</span>

Stan began his journey with Peace Wellness Center in 2008 as the Operations Manager. Stan has since then received his Medical Assistant diploma from St. Augustine School of Medical Assistants in the year 2008 (CMA). He also board certified Holistic Health Practitioner with the American Association of Drugless Practitioners in the year 2013. Stan is also a Certified Nutritional and Wellness Consultant, which he received in the year 2012 through American Fitness Professionals and Associates (AFPA). Stan assists the stem cell treatments through the Stem Cell Rejuvenation Center’s program. In addition to working with the Peace Wellness Center Stan runs his own business, Arizona Wellbeing, which specializes in corporate wellness programs. Stan’s experience and knowledge continues to grow as the office continues to expand moving forward.


Joshua Baker Head Lab Technician

Joshua Baker <span>Head Lab Technician</span>

Joshua joined the Peace Wellness Center family in 2015. An Arizona native, he completed a Biotechnology certification program at Pima Community College in 2011. He continued his education at Arizona State University where he earned a Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry, with a concentration in Medicinal Chemistry and a minor in Genetics, Cell and Developmental Biology. He brings with him years of experience working in laboratories for both ASU and the BIO5 Institute at the University of Arizona. He thoroughly enjoys the opportunity to be part of a team that improves people's lives.

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